Graeme Wilson, Houzz UK Contributor talks about getting the measure of a good designerand what should you ask them before signing up for your new kitchen. The article which appeared on March 12th features the stunning boat kitchen designed by our very own Peter Barber. Read the article here. The Boat kitchen was and inspirational piece created by Peter with input from Beach Bros, where the kitchen is sited.

The Beach inspired Kitchen History

How did this creative piece come to be?

Michael Beach, Director of Beach Bros said “We needed a display within our showroom that would promote the quality and craftsmanship of our worktops which are used in both traditional and contemporary kitchen design. We wanted a display that would represent our tradition and generations of working knowledge and skill we have here at Beach Bros whilst demonstrating how our traditional skills have been adapted to modern materials and methods – in short something that represents the story of Beach Bros.”

So it was Ashgrove to the drawing board. Peter Barber, one of the Ashgrove Interiors design team, followed the principles of the brief, creating designs that focused predominantly on the name ‘Beach’ and also took into account that Beach Bros are also renowned for many quality decks of local boats, and so it seemed fitting to Peter to pursue this angle, especially due to their close relationship with Devon.

Peter carefully came up with a theme and designs for a modern kitchen with an island built in the style of a boat, along with a traditional ‘Beach House’ style kitchen in the background representing the company’s long history through different styles and periods and also to marry with its links with boats and Devon.

The combination the unique design concept along with Ashgrove’s long established ability to deliver quality finishing in both modern and traditional room settings fitted perfectly with Beach Bros aims and so the project was commissioned with Ashgrove firmly at the helm.

Peter said; “There was little work to do on the design for the ‘Beach house’ styled kitchen as it followed tried and tested styling methods. I just wanted to offer simplicity in that design; however as a twist we introduced some modern features into the traditional kitchen and vice versa in the modern kitchen just to give a few small surprises! These included dovetailed wooden drawer boxes and walnut veneers used for the carcasses of the modern boat display, whilst modern materials have been used on the more traditional ‘Beach house’ style Kitchen.”

The worktops are as you would expect to find from Beach Bros, showing both modern and traditional uses, but the boat’s worktop by contrast has been based upon a traditional style boat deck, demonstrating Beach Bros abilities to produce unique worktops, which is why Ashgrove first became associated with Beach Bros due to their demand for high quality suppliers.

Within the showroom itself - carefully concealed lighting provides some drama in both the sail type shelving and on the keel where the detailing in the Ashgrove woodwork reflects the movement of the water, then further concealed lighting in the wrap around timber on the other units creates a great lighting detail whilst offering a practical option when doors and drawers are opened by lighting the interiors.

The units on the back wall are suspended as if floating and are framed by the natural walnut matching the worktops into which the long hob is discretely fitted keeping the focus on the main boat island where the sink is neatly arranged to replicate the cockpit of a boat.

Although whimsical in nature the boat idea still provides a practical working island and is a nice change to the everyday styling found elsewhere, although the simple contemporary style kitchens are still represented by the units placed around the island.

Inside all sorts of fun gadgets can be found and all modern conveniences are delivered by way of integrated refrigeration, larders and coffee machine’s so no hardship needs to be experienced aboard this little ship.