Choosing the right work top to finish off your kitchen is essential. At Ashgrove we have a huge range to choose from, many of which are on display in our showroom.

Natural Hard Woods

Whether you're trying to achieve a traditional or contemporary look, Wooden worktops always bring a beautiful organic feel to a kitchen. Our wooden worktops are carefully chosen for their patterning, stability and resilience and will look great for many years. In fact aging can actually bring even more character to wooden worktops adding an extra dimension to your kitchen.


CorianĀ® which was invented and produced by DuPont is hard wearing and versatile and available in a huge variety of styles and colours. Often used in commercial situations for it's long-term performance, it naturally fits well into a home kitchen environment. It can be joined in an almost invisible way creating immaculate clean lines and can also be moulded beautifully so your work surface merges seamlessly into a sink and draining board, for example. It is a hygienic and non-porous surface which can be incorporated into a whole host of applications.

Granite and Stone

Granite and stone worktops are as popular as ever with many of our customers. It is available in a myriad of colours and textures and is naturally beautiful and extremely hard wearing. At Ashgrove Kitchens we use local suppliers to ensure the stone we fit is of the best quality and will last a lifetime.

Composite Stone

Composite stone is an extremely attractive alternative to natural granite and stone. It's a refined material available in a vast array of colours and texture options. Hard wearing, scratch and stain resistant and able to withstand very high temperatures it's a very affordable and practical material which will bring years of pleasure.


Quartz worktops are manufactured using re-constituted quartz, mixed with resins. Colours are added to this mixture giving a huge variety of creative options. The end result is very a stable and uniform material that can be moulded and shaped to fit almost any worktop scenario in your kitchen.


The main advantages with Laminate worktops are the colours available and it's relatively inexpensive price. This means you can really go to town when introducing exciting and vibrant colours schemes to your kitchen and it won't cost the earth. And of course laminates are hard wearing and stain resistant too, making them a very popular choice.